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Money Saving

Fast and Easy

With Sofort Banking, you can now make deposits to your favorite online casino in a matter of seconds.

Online Global

No Extra Steps

There is no need to register with Sofort Banking. All you need is your everyday online banking account and you’re good to go.

Online Payment

No Data, No Problems

The security with Sofort Uberweisung is top-notch. Since none of your private data is ever stored on any servers, there is no actual risk of any data breach.

Sofort is the cool k'id on the digital block able to disrupt the traditional slow-processing online payment industry. With Sofort banking you can now make direct bank transfers without the usual time-consuming form fillings and nagging delays. Using this innovative payment method, your bank transfers will be made in a blink of an eye, in a secure and safe environment.

Be sure to check the best Sofort casinos all ready to accept the future and let you play your favorite casino games in no time. Find out more about Sofort payment method and online casinos that accept Sofort in 2022 in the following lines.

About Sofort Payment Method

Initially founded as a branch to a German stock trading company in early 2006, Sofort Uberweisung gathered steam in Germany and soon became one of Germans’ favorite online payment methods.

Top Sofort Online Casinos

In 2014, Sofort was acquired by Swedish financial service provider Klarna Bank AB, thus making a smooth transition from a local German means of payment to a popular financial service available throughout Europe.

As of 2020, Klarna is valued at over 2 billion EUR. Just last year, the company helped more than 60 million users connect with some 90,000 online merchants, from all around the world, including the US.

Online Casinos That Accept Sofort In 2022

The online casinos couldn’t let this opportunity pass by, so they started implementing Sofort as first a deposit and later a withdrawal option. And why wouldn’t they? With more and more online buyers using Sofort banking as their default payment method, the online casino players are now requesting the Sofort Uberweisung implementation to as many casino websites as possible.

Klarna kaufte Zahlungsrivale

Luckily for you, most online casinos received the feedback and are now in the process of introducing Sofort to its clients, if they haven’t done so already. If you don’t believe us, just check our best Sofort online casinos.

Is your favorite casino NOT in our list? It will be soon enough but till then, how about trying another operator that is Sofort ready?

Deposit With Sofort

The process of making a deposit using Sofort has never been easier.

Eine Einzahlung mit Sofort tätigen

Just log in to your favorite online casino that accepts Sofort, click Deposit, type down the sum you have in mind, choose Sofort banking as your payment option and you will be redirected in no time to a secure online environment where you will first have to choose your country and your preferred bank. Make sure you have an account at the chosen bank, the online banking activated, and, most importantly, you have the needed funds in that bank account. After the selection, you will be asked to enter your online banking details, similar to the way you typically log in to your online banking account.

Since Sofort is taking care of all the nagging payment details (How much? To whom?), the last step is as straightforward as it can be: just hit the Confirm button and voila! In a matter of seconds, you will have real money in your casino account and you will be more than ready to hit the casino tables.


If you thought depositing with Sofort banking is easy as pie, wait till you experience the cashouts.

Since you have made a deposit using Sofort, all the banking details will be stored safely so you can withdraw your winnings even simpler than you previously deposited. Once more, just choose Sofort banking as your withdrawal option, follow the simple steps, click a few buttons, and your winnings are on the way to your bank account. No need to type down the IBAN or some other banking details.

Sofortige Auszahlungen bis zu 72 Stunden

Worth noting though is that withdrawals aren’t lightning-fast as the deposits. You will usually have to wait up to 72 hours (or 3 working days), depending on your online casino and bank, to fully take advantage of your winnings.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do you have questions regarding Sofort banking? We will do our very best to answer them in the FAQ section below.

Häufig gestellte Fragen – Online-Banking

Why should I use Sofort banking instead of an e-wallet?

The main advantage of using Sofort, compared to a traditional e-wallet is the convenience. With Sofort, you don’t have to create an account and spend valuable time getting used to the e-wallet’s interface. All you have to do is use the familiar online banking account, click Confirm, and just wait several seconds to top-up your online casino account.

What fees will I pay if I use Sofort banking?

For each transfer, Sofort charges the seller a standard 2% plus 0.25 EUR for any type of digital goods. Since the seller aka the online casino can implement extra fees on top of these standard fees, your depositing/withdrawal experience may and probably will vary, depending on the casino. Please check your online casino website for more details.

Is Sofort Banking Secure?

Indeed it is. Sofort uses a confirmation code system that offers protection against misuse. Moreover, the sensitive online banking data (like PIN) introduced by you is not stored and cannot be accessed by any party, Sofort or the online casino alike.

Can I use Sofort without an online banking account?

Unfortunately, you can’t. To use Sofort, you need an online-capable bank account management service, commonly known today as online banking. Check your bank in your area for more information.


Sofort banking is a fast online payment service that acts as a middleman between you, the customer and your bank. There is no need to create an account; all you need is a bank account with online management capabilities and a trusted online casino accepting Sofort as both a deposit and a withdrawal option.

Schneller Zahlungsservice

If you don’t know where to start looking for such gaming operators, check our Sofort casino recommendations.