Sofort Supports Responsible Gambling by Integrating Gambling Block

Like other online payment companies, Sofort takes the wellbeing of its customers seriously. It takes all the necessary steps to ensure its service is secure and that payments and data are protected. As well as this, it’s making an ongoing effort to promote the responsible use of its service.

Online gambling is an activity that can be problematic for some. Most people gamble sensibly and never have any issues with it. A minority, however, become addicted and end up getting into problems, not necessarily financial ones.

Sofort recently integrated Gambling Block to better protect users against gambling addiction. It’s hoped that this will go some way to stamp out addiction and other related problems.

What Is Gambling Block?

Gambling Block is a piece of software that allows users to self-impose blocks on gambling sites. It was developed byMonzoin response to users wanting help controlling their gambling. After launching in 2018, it’s been a significant success and is used by many other payment providers. The way it works is straightforward:

  • All transactions you make are tagged with information about where the money is being spent

  • When you send money to a gambling site, the transaction is tagged with a specific code

  • If you’ve enabled Gambling Block, you won’t be able to send money to sites tagged with the ‘gambling’ code

Now that Sofort has integrated Gambling Block, it’s able to stop payments to gambling sites if the software is enabled. Those who use Sofort can turn it on whenever they so wish.

Automatically block transactions related to gambling

If you’ve turned the Gambling Block on, you’ll have to turn it off again before you can send money to gambling sites. Doing this isn’t that simple as there’s an extra step in place; there’s also some waiting to do.

To turn the software off:

You’ll have to contact Monzo’s customer support and make the request; a team member will ask some questions to make sure you’re ready to gamble again

You’ll have to wait 48 hours

The reason you have to contact customer support and wait two days is simple: so you have some time to consider your decision. In fact, according to Monzo’s website, less than 10% of people who turn the block on don't turn it back off. They keep it on because they find it an effective way of reducing their spending at gambling sites.

Promoting Responsible Gambling

Sofort’s integration of Gambling Block is a step in the right direction. The fact that the company has worked with Monzo to incorporate this software shows it’s serious about promoting responsible gambling.

Even though Gambling Block can be effective, it won’t get rid of gambling-related problems altogether. As mentioned above, it’s self-imposed, so you have to turn it on/off yourself. Many problem gamblers will have the sense to turn it on and benefit from it. However, some won’t do this because they still want to access gambling sites.

If you’re a Sofort user with a gambling problem, you should seriously consider using Gambling Block. It’s a good idea to look at other tools and resources too. These include transaction limits and software that blocks access to gambling sites. There’s also self-exclusion, where you voluntarily exclude yourself from a site for a set amount of time.

Sofort had a successful history, and certainly, by integrating gambling block protection, the company is making one more step towards a successful future. This decision is very welcome indeed. By doing this, the payment provider should help many people who have gambling problems. Hopefully, more will be done to further help problem gamblers in the future.