Sofort vs Giropay Comparison for Online Casinos & Gambling

At most online casinos, there are lots of payment methods you can use. From bank cards and e-wallets to prepaid cards and cryptocurrencies, the range of options is extensive.

Sofort and Giropay are two payment methods that are particularly popular in Germany. Thanks to the way they work, they’re a reliable option for real-money online gambling.

How Are Sofort and Giropay Similar?

Bank Transfers

Sofort and Giropay are similar in that they involve bank transfers. When you use either one of these payment methods, money is taken directly from your bank account. It should then appear in your online casino account pretty much straight away.

To use Sofort or Giropay for making deposits, simply head to the casino's cashier section. Then select your desired payment option and input the amount of money you want to deposit. For the transaction to go ahead, you just need to enter your bank details. There’s no need to set up a new account or create new passwords or anything like that. You may, however, be sent a TAN (transaction authentication number). This is a unique, one-time code that you receive via SMS or through your banking app. If a TAN is required, enter it into the relevant field and you'll then be able to confirm the deposit.

Instant Deposits

Both options allow you to make near-instant deposits at online casinos. They’re safe, secure and reliable. Each one uses data protection and SSL encryption to ensure your money is protected. Use either one and you’ll be able to fund your gambling without having to supply any personal details. Since you’re taken to your banking page, you don’t even have to provide banking information to your casino.

Sofort and Giropay provide quick and secure deposits

EUR Currency

There are other factors the two payment methods have in common. One is the use of the euro as the sole currency. This is because of the fact that both Sofort and Giropay are based in Germany, where the euro is the official currency. If you’re not using the euro, your money will be converted during the transaction process.


Another point is to do with withdrawals. The two payment methods can be used for making withdrawals from online casino accounts, but they’re not instant. If you wish to cash out, you’ll have to wait at least a few working days before your money reaches you.

Also, some casinos may not let you make withdrawals using Sofort or Giropay. If this is the case, you’ll have to choose another payment method instead.

How Are Sofort and Giropay Different?

We've looked at how Sofort and Giropay work in a similar way but are these two payment methods different at all? Have a look at the table below to see how they differ.



Monthly transactions

Over 3 million

Over 1 million


85 million

40 million





€0.25 plus 0.9%

€0.08 plus between 0.9% and 1.2%


Germany and a dozen other European countries

Germany and a dozen other European countries

Online Merchants




As you can see Sofort is the more popular and widely available of the two. It has more monthly transactions, more overall users and more employees. Plus, it’s available in a greater number of countries and can be used on more websites.

Sofort – popular option for online casino payments.

Both payment methods have fees. These aren’t charged by the casino, but instead by your bank; fees may not be applied by certain banks, though. If you do get charged, the extra amount you have to pay varies.

For Sofort, there’s a flat fee of €0.25 plus 0.9% of the transaction amount. As for Giropay, the charge is €0.08 plus between 0.9% and 1.2% of the transaction amount. Sofort usually has a higher overall fee, but Giropay’s extra charge can be greater in some cases.


It’s also worth talking about limits. At online casinos, there are usually restrictions on how much you can deposit and withdraw. For each type of transaction, there's a minimum and maximum amount of money you’re allowed to transfer.

Each payment method has a different maximum transaction amount. For Sofort, it’s €25,000 per 24 hours; Giropay’s maximum amount is €50,000. Bear in mind that casinos may restrict how much you can withdraw. Therefore, the actual upper limit for each payment method may be lower than the amounts given above.

These transaction limits shouldn’t affect most players. The only people who may be affected by them are high rollers who regularly spend large sums of money. Those lucky enough to scoop huge wins may also be impacted by a casino’s withdrawal limits.

Sofort vs Giropay: Which One’s Better?

The two payment methods work in pretty much the same way. They act as a middleman between your bank and your online casino. Supply the necessary banking details and Sofort/Giropay will transfer the funds from your bank to your casino. Each option is trustworthy and uses sophisticated security software to keep everything protected.

Whichever payment method you use, you shouldn’t have any issues. While both of them have their advantages, Sofort has the edge. It’s much more widely accepted and is the payment method of choice for many people in Germany and elsewhere. Pick Sofort and see why tens of millions of other people have gone for this payment method.

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